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What is the National Pact for Energy Transition?

Why the National Pact?

The Principality is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 55 % by year 2030 compared to the year 1990 levels, and to reaching carbon neutrality by year 2050. To achieve this goal, we need your help!

Joining the Pact is a commitment to act alongside the Prince’s Governement and the monegasque community to fight against climate change together.

Who can sign the Pact?

Joining the Pact is possible for any resident, professional or student of Monaco, but also the Principality’s companies, institutions and associations.

How to sign the Pact?

Log into the « Pact Carbon Coach » platform : https://pacte-coachcarbone.mc/en/

Choose your profile (« Entity » or « Individual ») and follow the steps : 1) enter your details 2) calculate your greenhouse gas emissions 3) read the Charter 4) choose your actions… then sign!

You can choose as many actions as you wish, whatever the level indicated. Level 1 is the series of actions suggested to start your eco-responsible transition; Level 2 is comprised of actions to go further.

What happens after my signature?

  • Complete your actions during the year after you sign the Pact and choose new actions whenever you want ;
  • Receive our advice and information by email ;
  • Take part in our challenges, surveys, workshops and events throughout the year ;
  • Take part in our annual review;
  • Find out more about the Pact’s Ambassador Programme ;
  • Get people around you to sign the Pact!

To find out more on joining the Pact, download this FAQ Document.