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What is the National Pact for Energy Transition ?

Why the National Pact ?

The Principality is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 55 % by year 2030 compared to the year 1990 levels, and to reaching carbon neutrality by year 2050. To achieve this goal, we need your help !

Signing the Pact is a commitment to act alongside the Prince’s Governement and the monegasque community to fight against climate change together.

Who can sign the Pact ?

The Pact can be signed by any resident, professional or student of Monaco, but also the Principality’s companies, institutions and associations.

How to sign the Pact ?

Log into the « Pact Carbon Coach » platform : https://pacte-coachcarbone.mc/en/

Choose your profile (« Entity » or « Individual ») and follow the steps : 1) enter your details 2) calculate your greenhouse gas emissions 3) read the Charter 4) choose your actions… then sign !

You can choose as many actions as you wish, whatever the level indicated. Level 1 is the series of actions suggested to start your eco-responsible transition; Level 2 is comprised of actions to go further.

What happens after my signature ?

  • Complete your actions during the year after you sign the Pact and choose new actions whenever you want ;
  • Receive our advice and information by email ;
  • Take part in our challenges, surveys, workshops and events throughout the year ;
  • Take part in our annual review;
  • Find out more about the Pact’s Ambassador Programme ;
  • Get people around you to sign the Pact !

To find out more on joining the Pact, download this FAQ Document.