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Discover the latest Initiatives on Monaco’s Energy Transition

3 mai 2021

Radio Ethic programme: Révoires primary school

Young Green Ambassadors in training at Révoires primary school. Isabelle Biancheri brings her environmental beliefs and commitment to human potential to her leadership of Révoires primary school. She has introduced a number of original...

11 mai 2021

Radio Ethic programme: CFM Indosuez

A hundred-year-old bank commits to a sustainable responsible economy: CFM Indosuez Monaco. CFM Indosuez is a bank which has been supporting an international clientele for nearly 100 years in the Principality of Monaco. Its sense...

15 juin 2021

Photovoltaic panels at the Ballets de Monte-Carlo studio

As part of the Prince’s Government’s energy transition policy, the Public Buildings Maintenance Office is installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Ballets de Monte-Carlo Studio.

The installation, which covers an area of 403...

15 sept. 2021

SBM Offshore opens ‘zero single-use plastic’ kitchens

SBM Offshore recently opened its brand new ‘zero single-use plastic’ kitchens, with the Mission for Energy Transition in attendance. It’s an ambition that is fully in line with the National Energy Transition Pact goals.


16 sept. 2021

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21 sept. 2021

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28 sept. 2021

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28 sept. 2021

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