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Waste : Feb 14, 2022

A new digital map for repairs and second-hand goods

The Mission for Energy Transition has recently created a digital map listing repair and second-hand outlets in Monaco for domestic appliances, electronic devices, clothes, bikes, furniture and more.

The aim is to encourage people to give their consumer goods a second lease of life. The tool provides a directory of traders and craftspeople based in the Principality who have expertise in repair and/or reconditioning.

This map of repair and second-hand outlets is available on the Mission for Energy Transition’s website: https://transition-energetique.gouv.mc/Les-Cartes-dechets-et-mobilite

It supplements the map of clothes and toy collection points (which has recently been updated) and the links to the map of water points and fountains and the map showing real-time availability of Monaco ON charging points.

It will evolve over time and will be regularly updated as new vendors arrive to expand and enhance the community of traders offering repairs.

This initiative took shape during the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), held at the end of November with a theme focused on solidarity and circular communities.

The Mission for Energy Transition had three actions certified with the Department of the Environment as part of EWWR, getting involved, alongside nearly 70 other organisations, in this major European campaign to raise awareness about reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

Echoing this map, the Mission for Energy Transition organised Monaco’s first repairathon on 27 November in the Condamine Market halls. The idea behind the event was to match skills and needs in terms of repairing various consumer goods.

It’s worth remembering that waste is at the heart of Monaco’s energy transition challenge, accounting for nearly 30% of the Principality’s greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing waste, particularly plastic waste, is a strategic priority for reducing our carbon emissions. As such, repairing something is a genuine act of commitment. Prolonging the life of our goods is a vital solution as we pursue a zero-waste approach to resources.

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