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Energetic Transition : 21 juil. 2021

New Mission for Energy Transition Event. Industry and the environment: two compatible worlds?

The National Pact Event for Manufacturers in Fontvieille was recently held at the Hotel Columbus Monaco.

The aim was to allow five companies in the sector, which have signed the National Energy Transition Pact, to talk about the shift they are making in terms of energy transition and eco-sustainability: Décathlon Monaco – which, symbolically, signed the National Pact the same morning – Siamp Cedap Monaco, Exsymol, Semco and Coty Lancaster Intl Monaco.

Manufacturing is an important sector in the Principality and often attracts criticism for its environmental impact. But here, as in other areas, things are changing. Regulations and customer demand are evolving; and stakeholders are taking action to reconcile economic and environmental challenges. Eco-design, the circular economy, industrial ecology, recycled and bio-based materials, impact on budgets – no topic was left uncovered. 

Some of the notable actions taken include: 

- Efforts around transport patterns to reduce the impact of transport.

- Reconditioning and development of second-hand products.

- Financial assistance for employees to help them choose eco-friendly options for their commute.

- Replacement of plastic packaging around pallets with reusable rubber bands.

- Industrial carbon assessments.

- Eco-design of products (selection of materials and end-of-life solutions).

- Work on inward, outward and internal flows within companies.

- Return and reuse of barrels (saving several tonnes of CO2).

- Eco-design and development of packaging that enables more than 95% of the content to be used.

- Heat recovery.

- Introduction of new processes and new materials. 


Photo credit: Manuel Vitali / Government Communication Department

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