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Waste : Mar 17, 2023

18 March: Global Recycling Day

The Mission for Energy Transition is taking advantage of this year’s Global Recycling Day to look back at several initiatives undertaken in the Principality in recent years to reduce waste, directly or indirectly:

Lots of initiatives which will prompt further, equally inspiring action in the future... 

 The Mission for Energy Transition encourages you more than ever to continue to reject any and all disposable items and packaging. Because “the best waste is waste that is not produced in the first place...”

There is another future other than the one that is mapped out, straight to the bin.

So more than ever: on your marks, get set, RECYCLE! 

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Taking it further...

See the various guides to eco-friendly actions to tackle waste on the Mission for Energy Transition website: https://energy-transition.gouv.mc/Energy-Transition/Means-of-action-and-subsidies/Eco-friendly-actions/Eco-friendly-actions-Waste

 Also on our site, you can find Waste action guides aimed at specific sectors (health, construction, hotels, etc.): https://energy-transition.gouv.mc/Energy-Transition/National-Energy-Transition-Pact/Les-Fiches-Actions/Dechets

To strengthen the regulatory arsenal as part of the Monaco Waste Prevention and Management Plan 2030, in early January the @Monaco Government introduced new measures relating to eat-in dining and the automatic printing of sales and bank card receipts: click here